Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most sought-after non-invasive aesthetic treatments for both women and men. The effectiveness of the treatments is ensured by the highest-quality Lightsheer Quattro laser, which shows increased effectiveness of treatments thanks to its power and wavelength. The treatment is less painful, much faster and safer, thatks to it’s cooling technique.

Laser hair removal — Light Sheer Desire
Upper lip 150zł
Chin 150zł
Sides 150zł
Cheeks 200zł
Neck 250zł
Forearms 250zł
Arms 200zł
Full arms 400zł
Underarms 200 — 250zł
Bikini 300zł
Brazylian 400zł
Boyzylian 450zł
The interbottocks wax 150zł
Feets 100 — 150zł
Lower legs-calves 300 — 350zł
Thighs 350 — 400zł
Full legs 500 — 600zł
Rear 300 — 350zł
Stomach 100zł
Chest 300 — 400zł
Nipples 100zł
Stomach 250zł
Full back 450zł

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