Facemodeling is a completely natural and manual facial therapy. It is a method of rejuvenating, revitalizing and modeling the face. It consists in the manual correction of the innermost bone and muscle structures, which allows for a lifting effect after the first treatment. Facemodeling therapy helps to rejuvenate, correct the shape of the face, and improve skin firmness and elasticity.

The techniques used are:

  • myoplastic massage,
  • transbucal massage (intra-buccal),
  • glass cupping therapy,
  • aesthetic kinesiotaping.

A perfectly matched therapy reduces muscle tension, which in most cases is the cause of the appearance of wrinkles.
The therapist will focus on muscle blockages preventing the proper blood and lymph circulation.
Fascia massage reduces tension, giving a strong lifting effect of the face oval, the neck becomes smoothed and wrinkles and furrows are reduced.

Facemodeling therapy allows you to:

  • improving the shape and oval of the face,
  • reduction / leveling of nasolabial furrows, wrinkles sagging, swelling
  • removal of bags under the eyes and drooping eyelid,
  • neck elongation,
  • lifting the drooping corners of the mouth,
  • reduction of muscle tension,
  • better nutrition and oxygenation of tissues,
  • rejuvenation and regeneration of the deepest structures,
  • leveling the “widow’s hump”,
  • restoration of elasticity, vitality and color of the skin,
  • visual rejuvenation of the face,

The duration of therapy is 1.5–2 hours and should be repeated every 10–14 days.
The secret of the effectiveness of maintaining and enhancing the effect should be performed in a series of massage individually tailored to the needs of each client.

A natural facelift without the scalpel

Price: 500zł

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