Body waxing

Lycon waxes use innovative system designed for the precision hair removal. Lycon stands for gentleness, efficiency and precision. Lycon waxes remove hair as long as 1mm. The procedures are less painful that regular waxes and very safe. The formula of waxes without strips allows you to perform intimate depilation of women and men. This wax is recommended even to pregnant women. Its effectiveness and safety is confirmed by the trust of many of our customers and world celebrities.

Body waxing LYCON
Upper lip 40zł
Chin 40zł
Cheeks 40zł
Eyebrows 40zł
Ears 25zł
Nostrils 25zł
Armpits 40zł
Forearms 60zł
Hands 80zł
Calves 80zł
Thigs 100zł
Whole legs 150zł
Bikini 80zł
Brasilian 140zł
Bottocks 120zł
Boysilian 300zł
Upper chest 80zł
Stomach 50zł
Nipples 25zł
Feet and toes waxing 30zł
Loins 40zł
Promotional kits
Full Legs + bikini 210zł
Full Legs + Brasilian 270zł
Leg + Bikini + Under Arms 200zł
Legs + Brasilian + Under Arms 260zł
Upper leg + Brasilian 220zł
Face (Upper lip + Beard + Nose + Sideburns) 80zł
Face + eyebrows 100zł

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