Anti-aging treatments

Face care is our priority. The menu includes moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and acid cleansing treatments. The range of the offer was created meticulously in terms of the profile of our clients’ needs to get rid of wrinkles, discoloration or blackheads? We invite you to consult if you have doubts where to start.

Hydrogen purification


Target area: face and body

  • highly cleansing treatment for impure, problematic skin
  • removes blackheads, cleans pores
  • smoothes rough and calloused skin — perifollicular keratosis
  • brightens discoloration
  • evens out the skin tone
  • lifts and improves flexibility
  • restores skin radiance and tension
  • improves the elasticity of the bust
  • has anti-cellulite properties
With a cream mask 280zł
With acids 330zł

Oxygen therapy — oxygen infusion


Target area: face and body

  • reduce wrinkles,
  • improved elasticity and firmness of skin,
  • restore skin vitality,
  • reducing inflammation (pustules, spots),
  • slowing down the aging process,
  • improvement of the face oval,
  • eliminating puffiness and shadows under the eyes,
  • regulating the work of sebaceous glands,
  • reduction of pores.
Face, neck 300zł
Cleavage 300zł

Needle-free mesotherapy


Target area: face and body

  • immediately visible lifting effect
  • smoothing wrinkles
  • improvement of the face oval
  • deep hydration
  • the treatment allows active substances to be introduced into the skin to the appropriate depth
  • dedicated to all skin types
  • perfect before the big show
Face with cavitation peeling 230zł
Face with acids 250zł
Back 270zł

Lifting and Antioxidation


Target area: face

  • dedicated anti-wrinkle solution for the skin of the face and around the eyes
  • protection of the skin against aging related to the urban lifestyle (air pollution and stress)
  • the skin looks young, smooth, even and radiant
  • the treatment is intended for all types of mature skin
Price: 290zł

The power of retinol


Target areas: face, neck, cleavage

  • treatment intended for mature skin with reduced elasticity, prone to loss of natural glow, impurities,
    discoloration, imperfections or struggling with thickening of the epidermis,
  • perfect for men, the procedure is an ally in the fight against impurities typical of male skin.
Price: 240zł



Target: face and body

  • hydration, improvement of skin density and face oval,
  • deep skin lifting and revitalization,
  • lightening of discoloration,
  • reducing wrinkles, stretch marks and scars,
  • relaxation of the muscles responsible for deep lines and expression lines,
  • deep renewal and revitalization of the skin,
  • an ideal treatment for all skin types.
Face 300zł
Face, neck 350zł
Face, neck, neckline 400zł
Hands 300zł

PRX T33 deep skin regeneration


Target areas: face and body

  • aging: revitalization of the skin of the face, neck, cleavage and hands,
  • loss of skin density and elasticity,
  • acne scars,
  • stretch marks,
  • flabby skin of the bust,
  • slow the skin aging process,
  • skin revitalization,
  • melasma, discoloration,
  • skin defects caused by photoaging: smoker's skin, wrinkled, dry, flaccid,
  • acne,
  • the procedure can be performed at any age.
Face 450zł
A series of 3 treatments 1200zł
Neck 300zł
A series of 3 treatments 800zł
Cleavage 450zł
A series of 3 treatments 1200zł
Face, neck, cleavage 750zł
A series of 3 treatments 2000zł

Anti-aging acids


Target area: face, neck, cleavage

  • mature skin, wrinkles,
  • loss of tension and face oval,
  • wrinkles around the eyes,
  • discoloration, uneven color,
  • gray, sallow complexion — “smoker’s skin”
  • strong skin regeneration
Face, neck 250zł
Face, neck, cleavage 290zł

Smoothing the eye area


Target area — eyes

  • A treatment dedicated to all skin types,
  • Smoothing wrinkles around the eyes,
  • Moisturize the skin of the eyes,
  • The treatment can be combined with the facial care procedure.
Price: 120zł

TCA — deep exfoliation


Target area — face

  • mature skin, wrinkles,
  • sun discoloration,
  • uneven skin tone,
  • gray, sallow complexion — “smoker’s skin”,
  • acne scars.
Price: 250zł

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